Chasing The Light


My 365 Project - Chasing the Light - was originally meant to be a distraction from the long and grueling baby journey I was on (at 4 years long, it's hard to describe the toll of that hope/despair rollercoaster, the need for some outlet of focus outside the body). Ironically, the baby who eventually did make her appearance was the undoing of said project - I had 300 consecutive days, but when our daughter was 2 days old and time lost all meaning and night and day lost all distinction, I allowed myself to transform the project by still committing to 365 days, but not holding myself to consecutive days (it's more like a 365 in 500 days project). I also could never really hold myself to only one photo each day - if the day brought me more than one photo, I kept shooting. These galleries are the cultivated choices, the favorites from that project.

It's still not a proper 365 project, but once I began following the sign on my door that says "Take your camera. No, really!" I found I couldn't stop noticing how there is beauty in the ordinary and ordinary in the beautiful: the light is the master, and the project continues.